It’s Not What It Looks Like…

I’m underweight and haggard looking, haven’t brushed my hair in days, and have needle marks all over my arms.

IMG_5727If someone didn’t know better, they might think I’m some kind of junkie and, even though I know and my pharmacist knows I’m not, I can’t help but feel a little self-conscious standing in line at the pharmacy to get my narcotic medication…

Happiness Framed For Their View

Pictures worth a thousand words

But each beset with lies

An act we’ve donned for others

Manic smiles, frozen eyes

A moment trapped within the frame

Preserved like a sweet rose

Happiness framed for their view

Nothing but the best of shows

We’re a troupe of actors first

People once our roles are through

Play perfection, trapped in glass

The lie you see, our gift to you