Today I injected myself with Relistor for the first time!  Woo!

Relistor is a medication that reverses the effects of narcotic medication on the digestive tract.  For me, it was prescribed sort of off-label; my motility issues began way before I took any kind of medication.  However, I have pretty much run out of options.  I have tried almost every constipation remedy out there- Eastern, Western and everywhere in between- with very little to no success.  Doctors were beginning to talk about an ileostomy or even a colectomy (yikes!), but the doc with Palliative Care had the idea to try this first.  I am so glad he did!

Honestly?  I was pretty nervous to try it.  I don’t tend to react well to new medication…or, new stimulus at all, really.  Lol.


Not only did I not experience a negative reaction, but… IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!

I may or may not have cried from surprise and joy. :’)


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