Feeding Tube Change #3

I am scheduled to take my Medical Terminology final exam today, so doing the procedure without any sedation!  Definitely not excited for the procedure (last time was really painful), but l am certainly looking forward to leaving here with a brand new, clean, fully-functioning tube!  Trying to study prefixes and suffixes for the exam and not let my nerves get the best of me.  Hoping all goes smoothly!

Waiting for a feeding tube change at Duke Raleigh Interventional Radiology


I Was Here

Yes Sir.

No Sir.


written in blood

on the wall of the cabin.

She was a wildfire spreading

her wings through fields of wildflowers

And now she was here

with her spine

braided in a straight line

complying with the officer.

Yes sir.

No sir.

“I was here,”

she thought

but she would never let anybody know.