BIO 181 Reflection

I finally was able to take my BIO 181 final exam today! I feel like I did pretty well, but either way, today was a good day. Dr. Kosal gave me a hug & asked how I was doing…not in that passive, fill-in-the-silence type way most people do…but like she truly cared & wanted to know. It’s funny how such seemingly small acts can make such a huge impact, huh? The past month or two has been beyond crazy, but BIO 181 has been nothing short of a blessing. I usually do not share the ins-and-outs of my struggles with chronic illness, & I NEVER tell people about my family problems…but life happens, & this summer session forced me to open up to Dr. Kosal about both. And I’m honestly glad I did. She has been a huge encouragement to me, & I love & appreciate her so much.. 🙂


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